Top 5 hacks to grow your Youtube channel

Are you still struggling to stand out of the competition on your youtube channel?

Still facing issues why your channel video doesn’t come in the youtube suggestions section?

Are you feeling tired?

Why after having quality content I can not grow my subscribers and earnings from a youtube?

Yes, After reading this article you will get a solution to all your difficulties in youtube journey. You will get a vision to reach your desired goal.

Following are the five pillars that will take you to the edge of the youtube.

1 Content: Content is a crucial and foremost important as it’s the only element which attracts and help people through your medium.

Try to spend much time identifying the need of your subscriber by thinking about how you can serve them better through your talent and experience.

Instead of posting too many videos post fewer videos with quality content that can help in building trust with your audience. They will become your permanent audience.

2 Video quality: The video quality is the 2nd crucial element after content as nobody wants to watch lower pixel video which does not have clear pictures and audio.

Try to use quality equipment in the creation of videos that will engage more audience and use good software to edit them otherwise hire some professional

3 SEO: You should optimize your videos and channel to get more traffic organically.

Use the SEO friendly keywords for each video and use different hashtags to rank 1 video on different keywords.

Use that thumbnail and logo that will include your image as people like to interact with people more rather than a logo.

The title and the description should be such that the audience cannot stop themselves without watching it.

4. Promotion: Use the best way of social media by sharing your videos on social media.

Post your video in different facebook and telegram group so the target audience can reach your channel try to create your own groups by sharing group link in your video description.

Use Quora and Reddit to answer the question by sharing your video URL.

5. Engage with your audience: Youtube is one of the most reachable and convenient social media channels which requires two-way communication.

Try to engage with your audience by asking them to leave their views in the comment section and what part of the video they liked the most on what content they want next video this will help in building relations with them

Ask them for a favour by sharing your video and follow the channel links on social media.

I hope you liked this article it has solved your many doubts and given you much better vision to move forward. Please leave your comment below I will be happy to see your valuable feedback.

Thank you.